Trialling Of The Simplified HCS-HCV Approach For Smallholders In Sanggau and Sekadau Districts, West Kalimantan, Indonesia

This document is a report on the trialling of the Simplified High-Carbon-Stock-(HCS)-and-HighConservation-Value (HCV) Approach for independent smallholders in Indonesia. The trials were carried out in four villages in West Kalimantan, Indonesia from August to September 2021. This activity aims at improving the existing HCS-HCV Approach, enabling smallholders with limited lands to identify protected areas using this approach so as to reduce deforestation risks. Philosophically speaking, ‘simplified’ means that this guideline attempts to simplify HCV and HCS approaches while maintaining the essentials of both concepts. The combination of the two is called the ‘HCS-HCV Approach’.

The HCS-HCV Approach is a practical option of facilitating an agreement to strike a balance between oil palm plantation business and the protection of forest and the biodiversity dependingon it. This report covers three-part outputs of the trialling based on forest management and monitoring planning. The first part elaborates the context of and importance of the HCS-HCV Approach for forest management and monitoring planning. The second part presents the implementation of HCS-HCV Approach methodology in the four simplified trialling locations. The third part contains feedback to improve the approach based on the experience from the field check, prior to wider implementation across Indonesia.



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